Music. Non-stop.


New release!

Little update:  Last year I released the album Another Infinite City on  … However, I’ve decided to do what I really wanted to do and release it for free under a Creative Commons license on my label Luxus-Arctica.  You Can download the album including a bonus folder featuring two remix tracks and an unreleased track as well as full artwork and alternative artwork for the album here:


Additionally, as you may have noticed, this website is not updated much.  In part because I don’t expect to work on more Lights Galaxia music soon.  But also because the net label I release on, my own Luxus-Arctica records International is really the place where you get the music.  The main idea behind this site is actual news if I’m working on this project.  So if you’ve come here, I’m terribly sorry to disappoint you.  I can be reached personally via Luxus-Arctica or you can email me to my personal address




Music. Non-stop.

Well, unless you actually do stop… you know… making music.  But that is not the case behind the scenes for the Lights.  We expect to be releasing some music soon.  We’ll keep you informed in regards that and updates to the new website as well (which should feature more album information as well as song sampling and direct download of Creative Commons albums).  Stay tuned…